why do men hate UGGs but we love ??

UGG boots are getting more more popular every year...
and we have more more to talk,to criticise

i remember my fist UGG,and it wasn't even an ugg because they were no uggs in the place where i used to live in 2004.

i was in huge store buying a jean and i saw them.it was love at first sight.and none of my friends had such boots.
so i bought them
actually noone really criticied.
i wore them like 2 years and after the first snow,they couldn't survive.

then UGGs became popular.
so i had my first real UGGS...

it was the season,which we started to see UGGs on the street...

and i love them.
i love to wear them to school,to shopping,to grocery...
actually everywhere,where i want to be comfortable...

now almost all of my girlfriends have a pair of UGGs...

if you wear your UGGs with leggings,skinny jeans or jogging pants,even they look adorable with DENIM SHORTS..
i love to see people on the street with their boots...

and the question why men don't like UGG ?

well do they really think we can walk on the street with high heels all the time?
or why do they prefer that disgusting sportshoes???


  1. I am a boy and I wear UGGS, too. I like them. ANd I like it, when people (especially men) look at me, point at me and giggle as if I would be a gay or a girl.

  2. im a black man and I love classic uggs with a strong passion I love love love uggs I wear my black classic mini uggs with shorts proudly people do talk about men wearing uggs but I ignore them classic uggs are made really plain looking theres nothing feminine about uggs their unisex men can wear uggs too and for the idiots that love to say uggs aren't manly ask yourself a good question since when in this lifetime were unisex shoes suppost to b manly duh unisex is for men n women their not suppost to look manly that's why they have a really plain design common sense

  3. Im a guy and i love my uggs i have a pair of classic short and a pair out classic tall both black and i have never worn anything as comfy in my life