BIKER JACKETS for everyone!

you don't need to be thin
you don't need to be tall
you don't need to wear small
you don't need to be a celebrity
you don't have to be rich
BIKER  JACKETS are for every body,for every budget,for every lifstyle,for everyone!

LOOKBOOK is my favourite

LOOKBOOK is the most amazing fashion-website i've ever seen...
there are wonderful pics from wonderful people
i really appreciate the work here!
check it out!

here are some of them...


Skinny legs is a MUST for leather leggings...
otherwise you will look like rihanna
or kim kardashian

but you probabyly would like to look like gisele bundchen...

so stay away if you don't have skinny long legs

and even if you have those amazing legs,

wear them with black,
wear them with long shirts and blazers
and please with high heels

you will look CHEAP,instead of CHIC!

BARBOUR for everyone

you can wear Barbour Jackets
if you are Royal
if you are a celebrity
if you are a student
almost if you are a human,WHO loves to be comfortable and stylish at the same time,and ofcourse warm...

TOMS shoes for tomorrow

you can help african children with buying a pair of TOMS
they are comfortable
they are flexible
they are trendy
they are simple
they are what you need in sommer

also celebrities love them...

especially i am in love with TOMS bridal collection...